The Importance Of Boosting A Website Through Rich Contents A Study

January 14th, 2014 | by RS
The Importance Of Boosting A Website Through Rich Contents A Study

As 2013 comes to a close, most of us find ourselves totally dependent on the performance of our business’ content marketing strategies. Blogs are passé. So is social media. It is the time for rich contents to power up your company’s online presence. Boosting your website through rich content is definitely important to ensure that your position in the race for maximum online attention is unaffected in spite of high inflow of original content from your direct competition. Rich content generation is not tough. But it is also not easy. Writing professionals in various content marketing providing sites like or others have repeatedly renewed their content marketing strategies due to the changing market response.

How Has Market Response changed Over the Last Five years?

Keyword densities were already cut-down to a great extent by 2010. This fell in line with the spam control mechanics of Google and other search engines, that refused to count pages that had unnecessary keyword repetition across the content. Today, the market of online readers knows how to filter between different sources of marketing content. Readers are always sifting through online pages at a rapid pace and cannot tolerate extra repetition of keywords in any form of content. Websites and web pages need keyword richness. And that is all about keyword richness that readers are able to tolerate these days.

Come to think of it, a website that ranks at number one position in search results does not get clicked upon by the reader, if the first excerpts or the Meta tags do not promise high class content to them. Today, richness of the content comes in the form of its quality and originality, much against its keyword richness or SEO rankings. In fact, SEO rankings go up every time there is a content up-gradation over the web pages of a brand. Ultimately, the present online market scenario spells doom for those websites who are not updating their web pages regularly. Also, there is a need to keep the brand image fresh and vibrant, which happens only when the content marketing strategy uses high-class, informative, and fresh content on a regular basis.

How Has The Content Marketing Strategy Changed In The Same Duration?

Working up a content marketing strategy was only an annual duty for businesses which wanted to make online ROI effective using a 360 degree approach to marketing. This has definitely changed ever since businesses realized that the content marketing strategy has been changing faster than ever. The change began around the end of 2012, when old keyword densities were replaced for new ones and every writer was required to take more interest into the business they were writing for instead of technically dishing out online content rich in keywords. The introduction of Google Penguin and Panda updates made the change more volatile, as ready alerts left marketers restless, whenever the statistics went down.

A Note on ROI Focus

With the help of such rich content approach, websites are able to make it big in the real time market. Managing ROI has become a function of content marketing experts, much to the chagrin of other marketing experts. Business development today, depends solely on the beauty of the content published online. Big businesses, which always held the number one position in Google search results, are today, being replaced by small businesses in the same field. According to content marketing experts at, this has been made possible only due to the intensely developed content published by the small businesses. The content focuses on real talk with the reader based on integrity, information, and company details. This is the present new mantra that even big businesses are incorporating in their content marketing strategies to get ahead of new online market competition, namely, small businesses.