The Inside That Counts The Basics Of Commercial Design

January 15th, 2014 | by RS
The Inside That Counts The Basics Of Commercial Design

When it comes to giving your premises a much needed makeover there are a good few things one might wish to account for in their overall considerations. Some people might be more worried about the colours, while others may be more concerned with the functionality. Here we have a more detailed look at some of the key questions you should ask yourself when giving your business a brand new lick of paint…

Is It User Friendly?

The ergonomics of your store will play a very important part of your business as poor ergonomics can make people feel cramped and unsettled. It can also be a health and safety issue if there are one or two things that aren’t adequately placed. Not only this, but you need to make sure that both the customers and the staff can move around the site with ease. It’s all very well if a customer can get to a certain section, but if a staff member can’t reach them when they need assistance then you might lose business. You should also exercise your common sense when it comes to the items you sell. If delicate items are placed at a toddler’s height you might get problems.

Does The Style Suit Your Audience?

The way you visually present yourself can be a big put off if you take it too far. More than a few companies are guilty of this as they try too hard to be unique. The colours you pick should all work together in harmony, and the furnishings should similarly fit in like a puzzle piece. Anything too funky could be seen as tacky, and in some instances it could be a hazard. Simple is always best when it comes to business, and helps to showcase the products rather than the building. Try and assess your typical visitors to see if you can find any patterns that could help you.

Is Everything Where It Should Be?

The subject of what goes where can be a bit of a pain as it is not the most riveting task, but is still something that is key to the success of your sales. You need to make sure that the sections you have make sense to the rest of the world, and that any special items that require more sales are placed in the most traffic heavy areas of the shop. This ensures that everyone can see it and can easy grab one if they wish. You should also give the shop front some attention in order to attract more of a crowd.

For more guidance on commercial interior design or to see the options that are available have a look around the web or contact EDGE.