Top Ways To Keep Your Construction Yard Safe

October 3rd, 2014 | by Anica O
Top Ways To Keep Your Construction Yard Safe

Construction, by nature, is a dangerous industry. Lax disregard for safety leads to serious injury and possibly death. You can keep a construction yard safe by instituting some simple programs and procedures, while adhering to safety laws. However, just talking about safety is not enough. You have to go the extra mile and ensure all associates of the construction yard are truly taking safety to heart.

Safety Training and Classes

Oftentimes, safety training classes are put last instead of first. In an effort to change this mindset, the Government of Canada challenged young people to develop training videos for safety in the workplace. You can aid the effort by requiring all employees to attend a class, usually given onsite. These classes should discuss how to work safely and how to properly use equipment such as goggles and hardhats. Hazardous materials training should be included in the classes as well. Every new hire should have a safety training class even before entering the job site.

Good Housekeeping

Every associate has to practice good housekeeping. For example, if some oil is spilled, the spill should be cleaned up immediately. Other areas of housekeeping include keeping walkways free of debris and simply cleaning up after yourself. It’s not complicated. It’s the simple and small things that add up to an overall safe environment.

Guardian Angel and Immediate Care Program

In a guardian angel and immediate care program, everybody looks out for everybody else. For example, if a worker sees a broken ladder, the unsafe ladder should be brought to the attention of the person using it. Also, emergency medical services should be readily available. In case of an accident, specialized critical care companies like 911 Industrial Response Inc. have Mobile Treatment Centres (MTC). These centres have highly skilled personnel who provide life-saving stabilization to a victim, so they can be transported to a hospital for more advanced care.

Regular Job Site Inspections

At least once a week, the job site should be inspected for safety concerns. This can be done at the start of every work week. The entire crew should be involved in this, since it will take a lot longer if just one person is doing all the inspecting. Look at all the hidden areas to discover any potential hazards such as frayed wires. If a deficiency is found, it should be corrected as soon as possible.

Nobody wants a workplace accident. Safety should be everybody’s concern, not just the safety compliance officer’s. All workers, from the lowest rank to highest, have to keep safety at the forefront. In essence, everybody has to be their own safety compliance officer.