Virtual Office Services – Business Connectivity For All

February 6th, 2018 | by Mack A
Virtual Office Services – Business Connectivity For All

Modern day business practices revolve around good communication, and for any company, it is essential to have someone answering the phone. Typically, this would be the role of a receptionist, yet for small enterprises who have not the resources to directly employ such a person, there are specialised communication companies who can effectively answer all of your incoming calls by using a qualified virtual receptionist.

Bridging the Gap

Let’s say a small business owner is always on the move and is not in the office very often, which might cause a problem, as people do not like talking to an answering machine. Missing a call altogether could be very costly, and it certainly won’t do the company image any good, but with a market leader, such as Message Direct you can rest assured that all calls will be professionally handled in your absence.

Prestigious Business Address

In former times, an exclusive business address was something only an established company could afford, yet with a virtual office provider, you can have a registered office address in a trendy part of London, and with a matching local telephone number, your customers will never know that all calls are being handled by a third party.

Meeting and Conference Room Facilities

In the event you wanted to hold a meeting with a new client, why not make use of the amenities the virtual office provides has? Your company signage can be erected for the day and no one will know that this is not, in fact, your regular office space. Having such facilities at your disposal is all part of forging an alliance with an established virtual office provider, and they are always at hand to offer a wide range of essential business communication services.

Call Overflow

The system can be configured so that any calls that your staff cannot handle, will automatically be transferred to a virtual receptionist, who is fully briefed on your business. This is ideal when you expect a busy time, which might be due to some successful marketing, and if your business is seasonal, you can ask the virtual office company to help when needed.

Temporary Staff Cover

If your regular receptionist falls sick, a quick call to your virtual office provider is all it takes to cover the employee’s absence, which is very handy for annual holidays. If you were to lose a key player like your receptionist, this could really throw a spanner in the works, and the best solution is to have all calls answered by a qualified virtual receptionist, who would be located at the provider’s call centre.

Support Services

Many companies offer out of hours servicing, and these emergency numbers need to be manned round the clock, and with the role given to the virtual receptionist, all relevant parties will be immediately notified in there is a customer request for assistance.

If you would like to know more about the various services that this type of company offers, a Google search is all it takes to make contact with an established virtual office service provider.